Issue 01


Issue 01 / A Product of Our Environment


A Product of my environment 

Words and Photos / Jason Borgstede


I often wonder these days. I wonder about what might have been. I wonder about what’s to come. I guess that’s the nature of getting older. I find myself living less in the moment and more in the past and future.

Eskimo Cocaine

Words / Cody Liska

Photos /

Photo Caps / Skeeter


Skeeter sells drugs. Well, not really. He sells Punk Ash.

Despite Universal Disqualifications, First Annual Silent Marathon Deemed A Success

Words / Dumb Crow


Despite the thousands of contestants that entered the event from Alaska's running community, not a single person was able to successfully finish the first annual Silent Marathon. 

Send It

? / Cody Liska

A / Mark Landvik


I Love the Goonies.

It's All Connected Somehow

With Robi Gonzalez 

Interview / Cody Liska

Photos / A Place To Bury Strangers

We always joke about what role each of us plays in the human centipede. And so I’m the front of the ‘pede, Oliver [Ackermann] is the middle and Dion [Lunadon] is the back of the ‘pede. 

Chaga: A Tea That Does More 

Words / Carrie Hambach


Uncontrolled oxidation in the human body can produce free radicals that can lead to many diseases, including cancer, and accelerate the aging process. 

Stills: Alaska To Cairo 

Words and Photos / Michael Downey


The counter revolution has responded.