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Crude is dedicated to bringing you an uncensored look at the cultures and lifestyles of the Last Frontier.

If you would like to be considered as one of our contributors, holler at us with a cogent pitch or a complete idea.

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Issue 01 / A Product of Our Environment

Jason Borgstede, Ammon Swenson, Johnny Sellers, Cory Jordan,, Clayton Linden, Esthera Preda, Kevin Maresse, Dumb Crow, Nick Ricketts, Travis Smith, Aleksa Mortensen, Mike Yoshida, Jeremy Lavender, Mark Landvik, Michael Downey, Alkota, Danyale Patterson.

Issue 02 / Slope Rich

Matt Wild, Clayton Linden, Ryan Wilson, Jake Liska, Trever King, Eric Eldred, Adam Eldred, Mark Thompson, Taiga Bell, Ryan Wilkinson, Travis Smith, Dillon Vought, Ryan Earp, Kris Swanson.

Issue 03 / Arrogant Minds

Alkota, Josh Boots, Akream, Soiled Seed, Snarley Brown, Raw Beatzz, Jesse Cross, Inua Blevins, Emily Rodkey, A-Damn, Phonetic, Doctor Wax, Odyssey, Joker the Bailbondsman, Maxamillz, Jovell, Young Kim, Keezy, Sk8god, Alaska Redd, Leif Ramos, Elan Brio, Dumb Crow.