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Mark Landvik’s been sick. He’s one of the original Juneau Boys for starters. Just watch one of the old JB Deuce videos or even the Juneau Boarderline videos – Brothers With Different Mothers comes to mind. Lando actually edited that one at his parent’s house with the help of his buddy “Boner.” Speaking of which, Lando’s method will probably give you one. Back at Boarderline camp, “Lando’s Hip” was one of the most popular jumps and better believe he threw his fair share of lofty Lando Methods off it.  


All right, that’s enough ball swingin’. Time to ask the man some questions.


What’s your favorite curse word?

Shit, I don’t know. I guess “shit.”


What’s the worst sound in the world?

Anything like nails on a chalkboard, or like concrete on metal or metal on metal.


Best sound in the world?

That’s pretty deep, dude. I mean, like, not deep, but also pretty deep. I guess almost just nothing. Like, when I’m out snowboarding. Definitely not when we’re in helicopters or snowmobiles. When I’m just hiking. Just essentially [the sound of] nature. The sound of whatever’s going on around you. It just centers me when I’m hiking and getting ready to drop into a line or whatever.


Best experience?

There’s so many in particular that it’s hard to say, but I guess I’d say my lifestyle. Just being able to travel with my friends, snowboard and do what I love. I’d say that I’m just pretty stoked on life in general.


Your favorite word?

“Gary.” I guess it’s technically not a word, but…yea “Gary.”


Least favorite word?

Totes Magotes, I hate that shit. It’s horrible, dude. My girlfriend says it sometimes. I think she does it because she knows it annoys me so much. But, dude, I hate ‘totes magotes.’ Makes me cringe. Do you know who made that up?


I have no idea. Probably Justin Beiber or something. – What profession besides your own would you like to attempt?

Right now, besides snowboarding, I also have a woodworking business and a full woodworking shop in Bellingham. So, that’s something I’m already pursuing outside of snowboarding. Besides that, I’d say, getting into some kind of engineering. Not like the engineering field necessarily, I don’t want to go to school and go the normal route, but I do like building and making whatever I want. I’ve been starting to mess around a lot more with metal and concrete in my woodworking business, building furniture and stuff like that – which kind of ties in. And then I have a house in Seattle that I bought last November that I’m gonna do a full remodel on. It’s gonna be super fun. So yea, I guess, engineering. As far as engineering goes too, being a part of creating boards, boots, goggles.


What profession would you not like to participate in?

There’s plenty of stuff I wouldn’t want to do. I could go on forever. Basically anything where I have to commute in traffic to a job I don’t like. I wouldn’t want to be working in a position where I’m doing something that I don’t enjoy because then what’s the point?


If heaven exists, what would you like to hear when you get there?

“What up, dog?” and then “Welcome.”


It's a Mike Yoshida


What turns you on?

A crisp morning when you know there’s fresh pow and you go out there and get it. That stoke, that fire. That turns me on for sure. That gets me going.


What turns you off?

People who mostly just talk about themselves or people who don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.


What do you appreciate most in your friends?

I guess just everything about them. From their loyalty to sharing the same passions and how they’re always gonna be there for me and how I can count on that forever.


What’s your idea of happiness?

Being super busy, but also finding the time to relax. Being able to slow things down and enjoy the moment, appreciate what you got.


Favorite painter?

Jamie Lynn. I’m actually going to see him tomorrow. He just finished [designing] my new 2015-2016 board.


Favorite movie?

I love the Goonies.


Favorite album?

That’s really hard to say. I’m listening to a ton of reggae right now, nothing in particular. Snoop Lion. You like that shit?


I haven’t heard it yet. I watched a little bit of the Vice documentary though.

Yea, I watched the documentary too. He’s got a few pretty good songs. I listen to internet radio and shit. So, it just kind of varies.


Who is your hero?

Hero is such a weird word. Definitely when I was growing up, Jamie Lynn was a huge inspiration to me. He was an artist and he was one of the best snowboarders in the world. This will be the 20th year he’s had a pro model with Lib Tech. And he’s always done his own art on his boards. His style and the way he composes himself, through and through, it showed through anything he did. Jamie was a massive inspiration to me.


Do you try to include things that are important to you within your board graphic?

There’s definitely been a few different scenarios over the years. Sometimes [Jamie Lynn] wasn’t available to do anything on request, so we just kind of found what we had in the archives. For like the last 5 years I’ve been working closely with him and just kind of telling him what I want.


Are you going to incorporate images of your woodwork?

Yea, actually I did like a powder scene. I have a pro model that Jamie does the graphics for and that comes in three sizes. This year, I also did a powder board – a directional, fatter-nosed, smaller tailed powder board. It incorporates Jamie’s art and some woodwork I did. I’m definitely gonna start incorporating my [woodwork] into all my other sponsors. Open up a couple other avenues. I’m pretty excited about it.


Words to live by? Something you say before dropping into a line?

 Send it.