Stills: Alaska To Cairo

Words and Photos / Michael Downey


Departing from the mouth of the Kenai River, a fleet of commercial fishing boats head out at dawn towards the lower Cook Inlet in order to make it to the permitted fishing zone that is decided where and when drift netting can take place for salmon. Mount Iliamna, a stratovolcano covered by a glacier, towers at an elevation of 10,016 ft in the right of the frame.

Returning to Alaska for the summer provides a perfect equilibrium after working in sometimes chaotic environments for months. Of all the places I've been, Alaska is truly among the most special and why I'll always call it home. 




From the view of Muslim Brotherhood supporters: A look across at anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters as both sides traded volleys of rocks, firebombs, homemade grenades and occasional gunfire - this became more common as more weapons from the war in Libya proliferated the region. This was a point where I noticed a shift in Egypt; from people protesting against the military and the regime, to the people fighting amongst each other as discontent rose against the Brotherhood, along with violence. This disturbing trend and instability ultimately lead to the military coup which removed President Mohamed Morsi. Now, the military has even more power and freedoms are greatly restricted as any individual showing dissidence is not tolerated and many Egyptians who've protested peacefully have been jailed.

The counter revolution has responded.