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I’m Zachary Epstein, 27-years-old, and I’m from Southern California. I take photos.

I’ve been shooting off and on since high school. There’s still an analogue program at the high school I went to, Mission Viejo High. I have to say that was a big influence on me as a kid (I actually got my first beej in the darkroom there). I put it down for a while because I wanted to snowboard all day and I didn’t want to spend money on anything but being able to ride and pay the least amount of bills possible. I picked it back up again when I moved to Reno for the summer. That’s where I met Cody [Liska] through my friend HeeHaw. Great, this is already the worst bio ever.

Ok, so I take photos for a living. Great, right? Sometimes. I work as a staff photographer for a company called Storyland Studios. I take photos for Helm Street and Arkaid Supply. I love what I do, just don’t filter my fucking photo. I shoot a lot of what you’re looking at on film. Cool, right? Fuck, I don’t know, I just like how it looks and it’s more satisfying. Plus all the people that influence me are analog photographers. Ed Templeton, Henrik Purienne, Scott Sothern, The Proof, Mert and Marcus, Mario Testino, Oliver Barton, Araki, and the #cuteaasianboys on Insta are very inspiring right now.

I guess I like to shoot a few different things and in very different styles. I’m kind of all over the place cause I’m a little up and down myself. I might feel one way about the same subject one day and something changes and I see it totally different and take that rabbit hole way too far. I shoot skateboarding, lifestyle, and natural women.

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