Rachel Marney

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Take A Drive

I’m not sure about you, but I love to just hop in the car and go for a drive. When you go out and explore you will really start to live and enjoy life. I decided to jump into the car to take a road trip to Anchorage. As I passed through Denali Park, I came across these mountains on a beautiful October day. The sky was a little gray, which made for perfect lighting. A small breeze was blowing through my hair. The open wilderness surrounded me. I felt so small standing there. I snapped a picture of this beautiful landscape, hoping that my camera would capture what I was seeing.   

This picture reminds me that I can always go and hide up in the mountains if there is a storm growing in the valley below. 


Where the Water Flows

As a child, my family and I would often visit the Fox Watering Hole. Driving out to Fox was quite the drive for us, considering we lived all the way out in North Pole. It must have been the crisp, pure taste of the Fox Spring that had us coming back for more. Our little road trips out to the Fox Spring soon became a family tradition for us. This natural Alaska resource is the best water that has ever touched my lips. As I snapped this picture, I was brought back to my childhood. I remember having to carry the heavy, water-filled jugs back down to the car. As a child, I didn’t realize how precious a drop of water was. All I could think about was how heavy the water jugs were. Now I know how precious water is. It brings life to you and me. Bring on the water and set us all free. 


Rachel Marney is an aspiring author and photographer, and hopes to write a book some day. She was raised in North Pole, Alaska and is the owner of Marney Photography. After the death of her daughter, Avie, photography became a form of therapy for her; Taking photographs has helped her heal and she hopes to spread comfort and healing to others through her art. You can follow her on Instagram @marneyphotography, on Facebook @MarneyPhotography or on her website dearavie.com.