In This Together

We're All In This Together

Words & Photos / Mark Thompson


First snow of 2013. That's the manlift I was operating while installing ice deflectors that day. The module in the background is called Flow 1. That's one of the facilities that the crude is collected after being pulled from its nearby drill sites. The breakdown and separation process starts here in preparation for the pump stations where it then goes into the Alyeska Pipeline. 


Tucker-Terra used for winter travel. 

Mark 03.jpg


Those are safety glasses that are required 100% of the time at work, whether driving or working, safety glasses must be worn. 


Red fox running through our work site, as they often do. – Couple guys in the trench. 


The old fuel pump station. The newer one is metal. In there is where you have to record the mileage on your truck every time you fill up, which is required of all vehicles that come through. 


Little red service trailer. The other side has their company name. 


Just a reflection on a still, sunny day. 


A rig being moved. I've seen all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they close a road for a full day, just to drag those things from one end of the field to the other. Which makes it really hard to get to work on time sometimes. But they announce it over the radio. So, you kind of have a warning and can plan a different route to avoid em.


Just a snowman after the first snowfall of 2013. He's actually only about a foot tall. – Those are just random holding tanks back there. Probably water or something.


This plant (CCP) is connected to the Central Gas Facility (CGF) here in Prudhoe Bay. CGF is/was one of three sister gas facilities here in the United States. So our CGF is the last like it.