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Southeast ridge of Mt. Frances, Denali National Park

Over the years, I've gotten small tastes of glacial camping and the thrills it can provide. These experiences have left me hungry for more. Back in June, a childhood friend of mine, and a new friend, got together for a season finisher in Denali National Park. The snow wasn't the greatest, but the experiences gained and sheer scale of the elements was offsetting and wondrous. I have faith that there are plenty more mountain adventures ahead for the three of us!


Fox Farm, Prince William Sound

Up until I was 21 I had minimal experience with salt water. That is until I was lucky enough to fall into an opportunity that would feed both my adventures and my wallet.

I spent four summers on a roving yacht in Southcentral Alaska. Our daily itinerary was a question of weather and what we felt like getting into. Our trips ranged from one week to a full month. From sunrise solo missions, coaching my boss' kid on his footwork, sport fishing, dinners on the rooftop deck while watching calving glaciers, or pulling all nighters by a campfire, there was always plenty of work to be had. Suffice to say, I fell in love with the water, something I had never thought much of. I hope to spend a lot more time exploring the coasts of Alaska, Washington, or Canada at some point in my life. But for now, I'll revel in the memories of beautiful sunsets and lively sea creatures.


Gabe Gibbs is a fourth generation Alaskan. He was bred in Girdwood and the Chugach and is always looking for odd jobs to fund his winters. You can follow him on Instagram @gibbs5