The Bus and Us



Words and ?s / Cody Liska

A / Dillon Vought and Tessa Ely

Music / Alkota Beats

Produced by Ammon Swenson


After spending over a year applying for “entry-level” jobs, I asked my mom, “What did your generation do after you finished school?” She told me: “there were jobs waiting for us. So, we went to work.” Whether that was regionally true or nationally true, I don’t know. I do know that today an “entry-level” position at a traditional job requires something like two years of experience, among a list of other prerequisite bullshit. Which begs the question, “how do I get experience if I can’t get experience?”

Of course, there’s more. Once you find a job, there’s the fear of being laid off. If you’re one of the lucky few that found the fuckin’ Goldilocks of careers, then you just have to worry about the next step in the archetypal American Dream: promotions, marriage, children, maybe a vacation to Disney World. It’s all enough to make anyone attempting to enter the U.S. job market say “fuck it,” jump in a 1975 VW bus, and point that lunchbox south. 

I can’t wholly attribute that train of thought to Dillon Vought and Tessa Ely. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not too far off the mark – that escaping the fray had a little to do with the idea. The adventure of it all, I’m sure that factors in. Living life deliberately, on your own time – that’s what I think it’s really about. 

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