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Crude Mag is an Alaskan owned and operated online magazine and yearly Book that uses The Last Frontier as a springboard to discover larger truths about the cultures and identity of our great state. Crude features urban journalism, photography, snowboarding, skateboarding, snowmachining, surfing, art, comedy, and music.



Cody Liska /

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Cody grew up in the 90's and early 2000's snow and skate culture. A time defined by crews like the Juneau Boys and BTN. Today, that era and those crews stand as an unprecedented snapshot of what was and what still can be.

Cody received a degree in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. He works as a freelance writer and graphic designer. He has designed logos for local companies and written articles for national publications. He now works as Content Director, Editor, Publisher, Marketing Hustler, and Event Coordinator at Crude.  


Sebastian Garber

Born in the heart of Alaska, grown in Anchorage. Heritage dating back to pre-electricity, Walmart, Sportsman's Warehouse days. An avid believer of telling the true story, served straight up. 

Operating under Ky0-t. The Ky0-t, much like raven, secured for humans such necessities as fire and daylight, and as the originator of human arts. The ky0-t.com smuggles, manages, and archives ideas that evolve into solutions from Sebastian Garber's brain. He takes care of laying out this fine piece of literature. 


Carrie Hambach /

Carrie was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where she began dancing at the age of eight. At fifteen she joined Dance Spectrum Company and participated in many dance workshops.

Carrie earned her bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her studies focused on chemistry, plant and animal ecology, mammalogy and human anatomy. She has conducted her own research in Little Valley, Nevada where she studied food competition among diurnal and nocturnal rodents and conspecific aggression levels in Western Fence Lizards around Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

Today, Carrie works in the NICU at Providence Hospital as an Administrative Assistant. She has continued her dance training at Pulse Dance Studio. She is the Science Editor at Crude.


Kevin Marrese /

Born in Maui, Hawaii, and exiled to Anchorage before his conscious life began. Son of an immigrant mother. Product of sun-filled summer nights. AK deadbeat historian. He is a graduate of nothing, besides East High, and 25 Alaskan winters. The uncontested Mobber of the year 2011.  A shining example of the Arctic mentality.

He illustrates for Crude when they ask him to, and illustrates for himself when they don't. The remainder of his time is spent enterprising.

Ryan Earp / 


Anchorage born and raised, Ryan grew up in a tight knit family that consisted of an understanding father, a caring mother, and a very supportive sister. During his 1.5 year stint in college, he was introduced to the world of photography through a close friend. He realized he was throwing his parent's money away for a degree he would never use, so he decided to move back home in search of his true calling. He briefly worked at his family's dry cleaning business before pursuing a career in hazardous materials removal and demolition. He has since become a master-abater, and spends much of his time in rural villages around Alaska. After almost dying of boredom in Kotzebue, AK, he came up on a camera to pass the time in places where there is absolutely nothing to do. Now, he rarely leaves home without his Nikon. 

Sage O'Neill / 


Sage was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska's biggest city. He grew up skateboarding with the Boarderline Skate Team and his younger brother Michael, both of which have always been a huge inspiration to him. Skateboarding remains an important part of who Sage is, as well as the community he belongs to. Today, Sage works at the Alaska Native Health Consortium as a health information technician in order to help support his 6-year-old daughter, Kylie. When he's not working, skating, or hanging out with Kylie, he shoots photos for Crude.  



Mike D /

Mike Was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He has seen some shit and taken even more of em. He went to college in San Diego and has been back in Alaska since. He likes to make music. Likes to make movies, and likes to laugh. His plan is to do all three for the rest of his goddamn life.



Ammon Swenson /

Ammon was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He is a journalism student at UAA, focusing on integrated media and has worked for KRUA radio as a reporter and news director. He is too old to still be in college, but looks like he should be in high school. He plays in the band Bad Friday. He's also the Producer of CrudeCast. 


Dustin Huebner /

Dustin was born in Fairbanks. Raised in the Alaska Range. Jetted down to Reno/Tahoe to study International Affairs and ride the Sierra mountains. He's worked as a Coordinator for Public Diplomacy programs, until he returned to the mountains to find his heart and soul.  He's currently living in Maui and waiting for the next step. Dustin is the the Crude x Tailgate Valdez Banked Slalom event coordinator and Crude ambassador at Tailgate Alaska.

Preserving Alaskan cultures through personal narrative