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The highly anticipated start of legal recreational sales is just days away.


The intention behind this update is to catch everyone up to speed on the current happenings in the Alaska marijuana industry.


They both went into the Exposure project wanting to create something that would inspire the same emotions those Boarderline videos – 100%Survival of the TightestThe 49th Chamber, to name a few – gave them. Feelings of hope and ambition that create hometown heroes.


You see, “back in the day” is the best for everyone, everywhere, always. From the first human to the last. Because, literally, colors were brighter, loves were lovelier, pain was more painful, and the days did go on forever.


Some may be scratching their heads wondering, “why is this chick likening Modest Mouse and Wu-Tang to some music festival put on by UAA student activities?” Because the people behind this event are just as passionate about bringing the community together and supporting local artists as you are about playing Pokemon Go.


I hadn’t seen Deez until I walked into the Juneau Boarderline last year – it had been 8 years since the last time we saw each other. While we talked, I remembered what a special time that was, back in the old Boarderline days. To have a shop that united so many people is an amazing deal. It was an outlaw time. 


"I’ve had the honor of being considered one of the best lyricists from Alaska ever to do it by peers and fans alike. In terms of legacy, the beauty of it is that the story is still being written. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know one thing: I’ll still kill any song I’m ever on. So step your bars up!"


There was a language barrier, visa issues, we had to avoid malaria, fleas, and I had about 20 worms in my feet. 


"I get to be wealthy by choosing to live my life how I want. I don't need a million dollars and a Bentley. I got a Lib Tech and a goddamn case of beer."


Freeride competitions don’t suck anymore. Actually, they never really sucked, they just sucked to watch. 


You might not mind stuffing yourself into a Sensory Deprivation Chamber if you ran the largest hip-hop drum sample business on the Internet—anything to mute the constant din of phone calls and emails. “I want to quit like once a week,” Brady tells me. “I really do. I think that’s pretty natural though.”